Caribou Creek Gold - Common Questions and Answers

How do I choose a performance dog food?

Read the labels and understand the importance and quality of ingredients. Most of what are called “performance” diets are labeled at 30% protein and 20% fat. A few go a little higher with these figures. Caribou Creek Gold is 37% protein and 25% fat.

What are the advantages of a high protein high fat diet?

Our balanced high protein, high fat diet can benefit a dog in many ways. Caribou Creek Gold can help you improve the strength, speed and stamina of your dog. You will see fewer athletic injuries and a quicker recovery when they do occur. Your dogs may have a heightened immune response and maintain their health better under the stress of hard work or competition.

What do you mean by “balanced”?

Each component of Caribou Creek Gold is a blend of carefully selected ingredients chosen to help your dog perform at the very highest levels.


Look at the label for Caribou Creek Gold and compare it to what you are feeding now. Our first ingredient is USDA inspected fresh frozen liver. Five of our first seven ingredients are meat based protein sources. Each of these protein sources was chosen because of its particular amino acid profile to balance with the rest to provide the most digestible, most complete protein possible for the performance dog. Other dog foods dominated by one or two protein sources are not likely to have this full complement of amino acids.


Poultry fat, Menhaden Fish Oil, Canola Oil and Flax are the primary sources of fat in Caribou Creek Gold. This blend is chosen for the best possible fatty acid profile and palatability. The Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is optimal for performance dogs and our Menhaden oil contains the very important DHA (Docosahexanoeic acid) Omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to help brain development in growing puppies as well. Most other dog foods have very little or no DHA.


Corn, Oat Flour and Brewers Rice are balanced and fully cooked to provide a great carbohydrate source for the competition dog. The Carbohydrate levels in Caribou Creek Gold are desirably low, the quality is high.


The importance of Fiber in a competition diet is often overlooked. Caribou Creek Gold uses Beet Pulp as its primary fiber source and Psyllium for its soluble fiber properties that complement this great dog food and literally helps to “hold things together” under the stress of competition.

Vitamins and Minerals

Caribou Creek Gold contains vitamins and minerals in a form that is most available metabolically to a dog and in amounts that are suitable to the athletic dog. Including very high levels of Vitamins C and E for their anti-oxidant properties.

Is CCG suitable for puppies?

Caribou Creek Gold is a great puppy food, we start the pups at 3 1/2 weeks with small amounts of CCG and feed the mother free choice. When pups are fully weaned we feed twice each day. We like to see the pups weight kept at appropriate levels (we don't want them too fat) and see that they get plenty of exercise.

Will my dogs get fat?

Caribou Creek Gold is an ultra high energy dog food that contains 10-15% more digestible calories than most performance foods. We recommend that you do not feed this food free choice. The palatability is so high that you should start your dog off by feeding small measured amounts of food (as little as 2 1/2 to 3cups for a 50 pound dog) and adjust gradually to maintain the dog at a desirable weight.

Is a High Protein diet harmful to my dogs kidney's?

A high protein diet like Carbou Creek Gold is very suitable for your healthy dog and is much closer to a natural diet than most commercial foods. A dog with a pre-existing kidney problem should not be fed a high protein diet, but a high protein diet will not cause Kidney problems.

How soon will I see a difference?

Some things you may notice right away such as dark well formed stools, but the full benefits of any diet change will take 3 to 6 months to take place.

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