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Jeff King

3 time Iditarod Champion, 3rd in Iditarod 2003 and winner of The Best Cared for Team Award. Winner Kusko 300 in 2003. Winner Kobuk 440.

"This past fall I decided to make an aggressive feeding test of Commercial Dry Dog foods in our 100 dog kennel. After selecting 6 brands and 10 products, each a common name in sled dogs circles, I separated the yard into 10 groups of 10 for feed trials, evaluating stool, palatability, energy, and cost.

Several companies courted our interest, 2 of them offered compensation if I chose their product. However grateful, I was disappointed in most of the products in at least 2 of the 3 categories. Only after near resignation that nothing in a bag could fill the dogs needs completely and in the 11th hour of my search I ran into an old friend mushing the Denali Hwy. here in central Alaska.

It was the first I had ever heard of Caribou Creek Gold. "Great, another dog food" I thought. But his dogs looked great and stools were undeniably desirable. "What the hell" I'll try one more. After countless sales pitches from previous salesmen about "start them off slow...mix 25% of our "Super Pooper Premium" with the dogs current diet and slowly add higher percentages as they 'acclimate". Bull Crap. I have never bought that and I was not gonna start now, so just like all the previous trials I switched the dogs to their new Caribou Creek Gold Product cold turkey. Wa-la. Pleasant surprise.

Just opening the first bag and taking a wiff told me I had never fed anything like this. The dogs attacked it and stool from the very first feeding jumped a universe by comparison. Now after 4 months and 1000's of miles powered by CCG my opinion has done nothing but solidify. Far and away the best dog food I have ever seen.

As I try to put a number to all the ways CCG has impacted our kennel I come up with real tangible savings in several categories. Kennel clean-up, Supplement saving, food waste from frozen meat products, dog condition and race results. It did not take long to make a commitment to feed CCG year round.

I could not give a more sincere and complete endorsement to any product. This stuff is FANTASTIC."

Jeff King

Goose Lake Kennel

From an E-Mail received Saturday, December 14, 2002
Subject: Butt kickin' food

Hey Lloyd. Just checkin in and wanted to let you know I've been training steady. Did several hard and fast 50+ mile runs this week and stools have been perfect. This is a big deal, and a big change. I am feeding 95% CCG and 5% fresh frozen Tripe.
K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) is my motto and this really helps. Enjoyed bragging about CCG at the rookie meeting.


Jill Korfist

D.V.M. Head Veterinarian for the St. Ignace Enduro.

One of my first and lasting impressions with Caribou Creek Gold Dog Food involved an eight year old spayed female German Shorthair Pointer presented to me for chronic (2-3months) diarrhea. Gypsy was actually brought to me for euthanasia because of the diarrhea and weight loss. She was treated with multiple medications by another Veterinarian and showed no improvement. Since she was such a great dog I requested the owners to allow me to attempt some other treatments and find her a new home. All testing came up normal and revealed that the problem was primarily in the GI tract. I decided to try some diet trials before I embarked on abdominal surgery for intestinal biopsies.

Science Diet ID, DD, and Eukanuba Response Formula and Low Residue yielded little change in her diarrhea. Prophylatic deworming with Panacur seemed to remove the heavy blood and mucus from her diarrhea, the stool still remained quite loose.

At this point I was pretty sure she had Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which would need biopsies to diagnose, but I wanted to try another food trial for carbohydrate intolerance. I was familiar with sled dog diets, which are very high in protein and fat and low in carbs. Preparing a home made diet was not feasible, so we tried the Caribou Creek Gold Dog Food. Not only would it have the appropriate amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydratates, but it is also rich in omega fatty acids which can decrease inflammation.

After about one week on the food, Gypsy's stool became normal. After about 3 weeks on the food we calculated a 5 pound weight gain. Gypsy was found a great home and has been maintained on Caribou Creek Gold Dog Food. To this date (a year later) she has had no further stool problems.

I see great use of the Caribou Creek Gold Dog Food with all working breeds. Many dogs do not have the enzymes to process the high level of carbohydrates found in almost all over the counter/pet store brands dog foods. Along with the other high quality ingredients, this is an ideal dog food.

Jill Korfist D.V.M.
Chicago, Il.

Peter Bartlett

Following up after his Rookie Iditarod race.

Hello! I just finished Iditarod and wanted to thank you very much for telling me about Caribou Creek Gold dog food. I would like to tell you how I used it and how it performed. I fed very little meat on the trail because the dogs were more willing to eat the dry food it is so palatable (also some of the meat had frozen together). I would usually feed the Caribou Creek Gold as soon as I got into the checkpoint.(on the snow) Then the dogs seemed to be ready to drink the mixture of beef and dry when I had heated it.

The most amazing thing I found was that my dogs had absolutely no diarrhea the entire race. I think I must be one of the only mushers to not have one dog get diarrhea. I had several mushers such as Jon Little and Joe Runyan walk by my dogs and comment on how well they were eating and how great their stools looked. Hearing them say that made me as a rookie feel really good. As you know the eating good and no diarrhea probably go hand and hand. If they are feeling good they are probably going to eat good.

Something that might really interest you is that I fed Caribou Creek Gold and Eukanuba together all winter. I did this just in case my dogs refused to eat one of the foods on the trail I could offer them the other. I did mix it up for variety and the only times I would see a loose stool, not diarrhea was when I fed the Eukanuba. At one checkpoint I fed for the second meal all Eukanuba. I did a short run and the dogs had loose stools. I was so happy to get to the next checkpoint and feed Caribou Creek Gold. For me being a rookie, it was great not to have to mess around with dogs that were dehydrated and sick. I understand that if a dog gets a bug it gets a bug and there is not much you can do. But it's my belief that most dogs that get diarrhea on the Iditarod trail do so because of stress. With Caribou Creek Gold that worry was eliminated.

During my 24 hour lay over I was parked between two teams that were sick. I thought, "Great! Now I'm in trouble! The next day I paid close attention to the dogs but nothing happened. To actually tell you the whole truth about how good I felt about your food is a little difficult I found myself thinking, "I am so lucky to have this food that is so complete! I hope my competitors never find out about it." Once they would race on it they would never go back unless they were sponsored by someone (They still might sneak Caribou Creek Gold into their sponsored food bag).

I gave absolutely no supplements all year and that saved me some money. No fish meal, dried egg, yeast or canola oil (I did give vitamin e for the race dogs) Its really great not to have to be a nutritionist to feed your dogs you have obviously done the work for me and its more balanced than I could ever make it. Well thanks again for the great food.

Peter Bartlett

P.S. I also had Rick Swenson look at my dogs the day after I finished the race and he commented on how great my dogs weights were.

P.O. Box 874914
Wasilla, AK 99687

Pat Burns & Merry Lake

Professional Retriever Trainers from Fenwick, MI

Pat Burns shows off his open sweep in taking the top four positions of the open class at Tidewater Trial. Pat and his wife Merry Lake own and operate Esprit Kennels.

July 9, 2003

We have been training Retrievers professionally for 19 years and have fed both Eukanuba and Purina Pro-Plan for the majority of them. After experiencing our most successful spring season in our businesses history, I can't help but believe our switch to Caribou Creek Gold a year ago has played a big role in that success! Caribou Creek is like a micro-brewery in the dog food industry. They are dedicated to one thing, the best diet for the ultra-high performance athlete. This product is not a one size fits all diet. It is a diet designed for world class canine athletes! One thing that stood out was our dog's performance in the early spring cold water trials. Our dogs handled the long swims and adverse conditions with no trouble. Caribou Creek Gold proved itself by fueling these dogs to 7 out of 8 possible placements in two of the more grueling competitions. Thank you Caribou Creek for helping us raise the bar.

Pat Burns & Merry Lake
Esprit Kennels

Meet the 2003 Esprit Kennels Spring Champions:

Jaybar's Westshore Beau, FC AFC Hawkeye's Shadow, AFC Esprit's Power Play, NAFC FC Adam's Acre's Cherokee Rose,
FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood's Shadow, FC AFC Yoyou Katee KK, FC RSK's Smooth Sailing.

The photo above reflects 14 all-age wins.
2003 National Amateur Championship
Open Sweep
Double Header

Bill Steyer

Yukon Quest Veteran.

Caribou Creek Gold (CCG) is without question the best performance dog food that I have ever fed.

I have fed a number of dog food brands in my ten years of racing sled dogs and never have I fed a dog food that exceeded my expectations like Caribou Creek Gold. CCG is very palatable. My dogs will eat it any way I offer it to them--dry, soaked, or even served in cold water. Itís loaded with quality ingredients so I know my dogs are getting the optimal nutrition that they need to meet the increased demands of racing

During the 2003 racing season I fed approximately fifty percent less meat to my dogs than previous years. I knew I didnít need to add as much meat to my dogís diet because of the quality of the dog food. Although I fed less meat Iím certain that I had achieved better results than with any other previous feeding programs.

Since I began feeding CCG, not one of the dogs in my kennel experienced stress diarrhea while either training or racing. This was impressive since most of my dogs averaged between 2500 to 3000 miles in preparation for the Copper Basin 300 and Yukon Quest.

I began feeding CCG in August 2002 and quickly noticed improvements in both the appearance and performance of my dogs. I have not had any picky eaters with CCG, which had not always been the case with other foods that I have fed. If youíre looking to feed a quality dog food with optimal nutrition in mind and to achieve that competitive edge, there is no other comparable dog food.

Bill Steyer
5th place 2003 Yukon Quest

Deanna and Kourosh Partow

Mushers Extrordinaire

Hi Lloyd,
Here are some of our last 2 years racing results:

Race Year / Name Finish Class
2001-2002 ASDRA Eukanuba 1st 6dogs
2001-2002 Orville Lake Classic 1st6 dogs, track record
2001-2002 Aurora Championship 1st 6 dogs, track record
2001-2002 Chugiak Championship 1st 4 dogs, track record
2001-2002 Tok Race of Champions 1st 6 dogs, track record
2001-2002 ASDRA Limited Trophies 1st 6 dogs
2001-2002 ASDRA Limited Trophies 1st 4 dogs
2001-2002 Gold Run 2nd 6 dogs
2001-2002 North American Championship 1st 4 dogs
2002-2003 ASDRA Limited 1st 6 dogs
2002-2003 ASDRA Limited 1st 4 dogs
2002-2003 North American Championship 1st 6 dogs
2002-2003 North American Championship 1st4 dogs
2002-2003 Gold Run 2nd 6 dogs

Thanks again for the great dog food!

Deanna and Kourosh Partow

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